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Administrative Maps

Below are the available administrative maps classified by:-

(A) Country

Somalia-Administrative Units (.PDF 346KB)
Somalia-Administrative Units (Districts) (.pdf 213KB)
Somalia-Administrative Units (with Secondary Roads) (.pdf 438KB)
Somalia-Administrative Units (with Villages) (.pdf 499KB)
Somalia-Administrative Units Boundaries (.pdf 433KB)
Somalia-General Geography Map (.pdf 160KB)

(B) Region

Somalia-Awdal Region (.pdf 165KB)
Somalia-Bakool Region (.pdf 221KB)
Somalia-Bari Region (.pdf 241KB)
Somalia-Bay Region (.pdf 312KB)
Somalia-Galgadud Region (.pdf 225KB)
Somalia-Gedo Region (.pdf 324KB)
Somalia-Hiran Region (.pdf 212KB)
Somalia-Lower Juba Region (.pdf 276KB)
Somalia-Middle Juba Region (.pdf 286KB)
Somalia-Mudug Region (.pdf 217KB)
Somalia-Nugal Region (.pdf 264KB)
Somalia-Sanag Region (.pdf 235KB)
Somalia-Sool Region (.pdf 210KB)
Somalia-Togdheer Region (.pdf 210KB)
Somalia-Woqooyi Galbeed Region (.pdf 227KB)

(C) District

Somalia-Awdal Region-Baki District (.pdf 195KB)
Somalia-Awdal Region-Borama District (.pdf 180KB)
Somalia-Awdal Region-Lughaye District (.pdf 232KB)
Somalia-Awdal Region-Zeylac District (.pdf 185KB)
Somalia-Bakool Region-El Barde District (.pdf 198KB)
Somalia-Bakool Region-Hudur District (.pdf 204KB)
Somalia-Bakool Region-Rab Dhure District (.pdf 182KB)
Somalia-Bakool Region-Tieglo District (.pdf 184KB)
Somalia-Bakool Region-Waajid District (.pdf 106KB)
Somalia-Bari Region-Alula District (.pdf 181KB)
Somalia-Bari Region-Bander Beila District (.pdf 187KB)
Somalia-Bari Region-Bossaso District (.pdf 201KB)
Somalia-Bari Region-Gardo District (.pdf 206KB)
Somalia-Bari Region-Iskushuban District (.pdf 213KB)
Somalia-Bari Region-Kandala District (.pdf 195KB)
Somalia-Bay Region-Baidoa District (.pdf 201KB)
Somalia-Bay Region-Bur Hakaba District (.pdf 314KB)
Somalia-Bay Region-Dinsor District (.pdf 221KB)
Somalia-Bay Region-Qansah Dere District (.pdf 127KB)
Somalia-Galgadud Region-Abudwaq District (.pdf 186KB)
Somalia-Galgadud Region-Adado District (.pdf 174KB)
Somalia-Galgadud Region-Dusa Mareb District (.pdf 199KB)
Somalia-Galgadud Region-El Bur District (.pdf 214KB)
Somalia-Galgadud Region-El Der District (.pdf 201KB)
Somalia-Gedo Region-Bardera District (.pdf 192KB)
Somalia-Gedo Region-Belet Hawa District (.pdf 183KB)
Somalia-Gedo Region-Dolo and Luuq Districts (.pdf 224KB)
Somalia-Gedo Region-El Waq District (.pdf 196KB)
Somalia-Gedo Region-Garbahare District (.pdf 206KB)
Somalia-Hiran Region-Belet Weyne District (.pdf 205KB)
Somalia-Hiran Region-Bulo Burti and Jalalaqsi Districts (.pdf 238KB)
Somalia-Lower Juba Region-Afmadow District (.pdf 270KB)
Somalia-Lower Juba Region-Badhadhe District (.pdf 203KB)
Somalia-Lower Juba Region-Jamame District (.pdf 181KB)
Somalia-Lower Juba Region-Kismayo District (.pdf 213KB)
Somalia-Lower Shabelle Region - Qoryoley District (.pdf 231KB)
Somalia-Lower Shabelle Region-Afgoye District (.pdf 241KB)
Somalia-Lower Shabelle Region-Brava District (.pdf 198KB)
Somalia-Lower Shabelle Region-Kurtum Warey District (.pdf 202KB)
Somalia-Lower Shabelle Region-Merka District (.pdf 229KB)
Somalia-Lower Shabelle Region-Sablale District (.pdf 213KB)
Somalia-Lower Shabelle Region-Wanla Weyne District (.pdf 214KB)
Somalia-Middle Juba Region-Buale District (.pdf 199KB)
Somalia-Middle Juba Region-Jilib District (.pdf 205KB)
Somalia-Middle Juba Region-Sakow District (.pdf 216KB)
Somalia-Middle Shabelle Region-Adale District (.pdf 188KB)
Somalia-Middle Shabelle Region-Aden Yabal District (.pdf 185KB)
Somalia-Middle Shabelle Region-Balad District (.pdf 215KB)
Somalia-Middle Shabelle Region-Jowhar District (.pdf 152KB)
Somalia-Mudug Region-Galkayo and Goldogob Districts (.pdf 211KB)
Somalia-Mudug Region-Haradere District (.pdf 187KB)
Somalia-Mudug Region-Hobyo District (.pdf 213KB)
Somalia-Mudug Region-Jariban District (.pdf 189KB)
Somalia-Nugal Region-Burtinle District (.pdf 198KB)
Somalia-Nugal Region-Eyl Distrcit (.pdf 195KB)
Somalia-Nugal Region-Garowe District (.pdf 176KB)
Somalia-Sanag Region-El-Afwein District (.pdf 209KB)
Somalia-Sanag Region-Erigabo District (.pdf 235KB)
Somalia-Sanag Region-Las Qoray District(.pdf 204KB)
Somalia-Sool Region-Ainabo District(.pdf 195KB)
Somalia-Sool Region-Hudun District (.pdf 184KB)
Somalia-Sool Region-Las Anod District (.PDF 192KB)
Somalia-Sool Region-Taleh District (.pdf 193KB)
Somalia-Togdheer Region-Buhodle District (.pdf 179KB)
Somalia-Togdheer Region-Burao District(.pdf 208KB)
Somalia-Togdheer Region-Gebiley District (.pdf 124KB)
Somalia-Togdheer Region-Odweine District (.pdf 197KB)
Somalia-Togdheer Region-Sheikh District (.pdf 124KB)
Somalia-Woqooyi Galbeed Region-Berbera District (.pdf 195KB)
Somalia-Woqooyi Galbeed Region-Hargeisa District (.pdf 232KB)

(D) Zones

+ Somalia-Northeast Regions (.pdf 447KB)
Somalia-Northwest Regions (.pdf 493KB)
Somalia-Central Regions (.pdf 415KB)
Somalia-Southern Regions (.pdf 343KB)
Somalia-Bari, Sool, Sanag and Nugal Regions (.pdf 452KB)
Somalia-Northeast and Central Regions (.pdf 333KB)