About Us

The renaming of Food Security Analysis Unit (FSAU) to Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) reflects the full integration of the nutrition surveillance project within one overall project framework is currently in its seventh funding phase. It provides a broad range of information users with timely and relevant information and analysis for better decision-making relating to short-term food insecurity and malnutrition, as well as informing development planning to address underlying causes of food and livelihood insecurity, and malnutrition. FSNAU has developed the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis System (FSNAS) which integrates both the conceptual and operational frameworks that the unit utilises for analysing food security and nutrition information through a livelihoods-based analysis. The information contributing to the FSNAS is collected by a team of FSNAU field team of enumerators and analysts and is entered and processed through an integrated database and information management system.  The unit draws on reliable and appropriate secondary information at all levels, as well as rigorous analysis of the FSNAU field data. FSNAU operates a communications strategy for the dissemination of its information products and to advocate for timely and informed response.