Analytical Approach

FSNAU's analytical approach is composed of the following components:-

  1. Conceptual Models
    FSNAU has developed conceptual models that aid in the implementation of its food security and nutrition analyses.
  2. Food Security and Nutrition Analysis System (FSNAS)
    The composite conceptual, analytical and operational framework for FSNAU's Livelihoods-Based Analysis is entitled the FSNAU Food Security Analysis System (FSAS). Read More ...
  3. Core Analytical Activities
    These activities include Baseline Analyses, Food and Livelihood Security Projections, Macro and Community Monitoring, Food Security and Nutrition Assessments, Nutrition Surveillance and Assessments and Thematic Researches.
  4. Methodologies
    FSNAU has developed methodologies for analysing the following: climate, civil insecurity, agriculture, livestock, markets and nutrition.