Analytical Approach / Conceptual Models

Conceptual Models

Food Security
The FSNAU bases its understanding of food, nutrition, and livelihood security on four key dimensions: Access, Availability, Utilization, and Stability. The FSNAU has developed a Food Security & Nutrition Analysis System (FSNAS) that holistically integrates both conceptual and analytical aspects of its work, and is underpinned by livelihoods analysis.
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The conceptual framework drawn on by the FSNAU Nutrition project focuses on the key factors that influence nutritional status. Fragile socio-economic and political environment, food insecurity, unfavorable care practices and health environment lead to a cycle of malnutrition and further inadequate in-take of energy and other nutrients. Poor nutritional status or malnutrition results from a complex set of elements and not one simple cause. Access to an adequate diet has to be combined with better maternal health and child care practices, access to healthcare and environmental health. The socio-economic and political environment influence food, care and health.
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