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Post Gu 2020 Population Tables

 Somalia 2020 Post Gu Acute Food Insecurity: Rural, Urban and IDP Population Stressed, Crisis and Emergency (Current, Jul-Sep 2020)

Somalia 2020 Post Gu Acute Food Insecurity: Rural, Urban and IDP Population Stressed, Crisis and Emergency (Projection, Oct-Dec 2020) 

Somalia 2020 Post Gu Total Acute Malnutrition Burden by Region (Sep 2020 – Aug 2021)

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Phase Classification Figures

FSNAU received many requests for the district level population estimates of people in Humanitarian Emergency and Acute Food and Livelihood Crisis.  While these will be included in our soon to be release Technical Series Report, attached tables show these figures by region, by district, and by livelihood system.  Population estimates of any kind in Somalia are estimates, and as such these are general planning figures to guide response. The attached figures are derived from a detailed analysis, by livelihood zone and wealth groups, of food sources, income sources, and expenditure; combined with nutritional data and other indicators.

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