Analytical Approach / Core Analytical Activities

Core Analytical Activities

Baseline Analysis
Baseline Livelihood Analysis generates the reference understanding of livelihood assets and strategies of people, including description, quantities, trends and key issues. This basic understanding of livelihoods is the starting point and foundation from which FSNAU analyses food security and vulnerability (See FSNAU's Food Security and Livelihoods Analysis System).  FSNAU's unique contribution to Baseline Livelihood Analysis is the explicit definition, clarification, and refinement of livelihood assets and livelihood strategies as a defining framework for this analysis.
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Food and Livelihood Security Projections
This core analytical activity identifies specific populations and areas that are at an increased risk to food and livelihood insecurity as the direct result of an event or shock in order to provide early warning to decision makers for appropriate support and interventions.
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Macro and Community Monitoring
Key Indicator Monitoring as a FSNAU core analytical activity is divided into two components-Macro Indicator Monitoring and Local Indicator Monitoring. Macro Indicator Monitoring refers to the continuous data collection and analysis of key objective measures of international, regional,national, sub-national level processes that have a pronounced effect on people's food and livelihood security.
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Food Security and Nutrition Assessments
FSNAU's Rapid Food Security and Nutrition Assessments is designed for situations where physical access to the population is limited or when the speed of the assessment is a major consideration (such as during an emergency).  Within the FSNAU context, this approach focuses on nutritional and food security assessments which are completed within a period of 3-4 days and exclude the typical nutrition surveys normally conducted within a time frame of 10-14 days in Somalia.
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Nutrition Surveillance and Assessments
Nutrition surveillance undertaken by FSNAU and partners utilizes a diverse range of information sources on nutrition. These include detailed nutrition assessments, health facility information, rapid assessments, sentinel site surveillance and intervention data.
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Thematic Research
FSNAU's Thematic Research is a new FSNAU core analytical activity aimed at understanding the underlying and long term dynamics of livelihoods, food security and nutrition to enable appropriate programming and policy response. Thematic research promotes a profound understanding of cross cutting issues or issues that require detailed studies.
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