Thematic Research

FSNAU's Thematic Research is a new FSNAU core analytical activity aimed at understanding the underlying and long term dynamics of livelihoods, food security and nutrition to enable appropriate programming and policy response. Thematic research promotes a profound understanding of cross cutting issues or issues that require detailed studies. The regular monitoring and assessments which FSNAU carry out along with the thematic research complement each other in the FSNAU's Food Security and Nutrition Analysis System (FSNAS). Some of the topics that FSNAU intends to analyze include the following:-

  • linkages between food security and: environment, conflict, nutrition, and macro economy
  • analysis of key food security trends in Somalia since the collapse of the state and identification of key strategies to promote food security in the future
  • the statistical relationship between nutritional anthropometric data, dietary diversity, and coping strategies
  • updating the livelihood baseline data with FSNAU's analytical framework