SOMALIA Flood Impact on Food Security - FEWS NET/FSNAU Joint Report

Issued: May 11, 2018

Heavy Gu rainfall leads to widespread flooding

Key Messages

  • Rainfall totals during the first half of the April to June Gu season are some of the highest on the 1981-2017 record, equivalent to between 130 and over 200 percent of average
  • Heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding has led to fatalities, massive displacement, and damage to infrastructure and cropland.
  • Needs are expected to increase in displacement sites and riverine areas in the near term.
  • FEWS NET and FSNAU estimate 700,000 people in flood-affected areas will need livelihoods support through September, roughly 300,000 of whom are likely to need emergency food assistance.
  • Due to significant flood-related damage, Gu maize production in riverine areas is likely to arrive later than normal (July) and be only 50 to 60 percent of average.
  • Many poor households in these areas will have lower than normal agricultural labor opportunities. Some households are likely to face difficulty meeting their food and non-food needs through September.

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