FSNAU releases Nutrition Update for October-December 2013

Issued: November 21, 2013

FSNAU has released the Nutrition Update for the period October-December 2013. According to the update, Somalia has some of the highest malnutrition rates in the world. Even when there is good rain and an improvement in food security situation, it does not imply immediate reduction of malnutrition rates. Factors such as diseases, limited access to safe water or sanitation and poor child feeding practices are responsible for persistent malnutrition in Somalia.

FSNAU uses of variety of nutrition information sources to make projections on nutrition situation for next 3 months based mainly on:-

  • Historical seasonal trends of nutrition situation (GAM rates/HIS trends)
  • Expected shocks during the season of projection especially disease outbreaks; and
  • Emerging/expected food security situation – food prices, market access, milk/cereal availability, food stocks (these are also based on the climate outlook).

Download the Nutrition Update (PDF, 1.94MB)