Food Security and Nutrition Quarterly Brief - Focus on Gu Season Early Warning

Issued: June 18, 2010

The overall food security situation outlook is favourable for most livelihoods of Somalia, as a result of good Gu rainfall performance. The average to above average rains received in most parts of the country considerably improved pasture and water conditions in pastoral areas and contributed to average crop performance. As a result, livestock conditions have improved across the country, while cereal production is expected to be average to above average in main cereal producing areas. However, the floods caused by the excessive rains had devastating effects on the Juba Riverine livelihood where many farmers suffered from considerable damage to the standing crops from early Gu planting. The floods have also resulted in temporary displacement of the population in five different districts of southern Somalia. Nevertheless, sustained conflicts in the country continue to be the primary reason of displacement, affecting mainly southern and central parts of Somalia. Civil insecurity has increased food insecurity by disrupting market supply and delivery of humanitarian aid, primarily affecting the urban and internally displaced population (IDP). Recent nutritional assessment indicated a Very Critical situation with increased malnutrition levels in Addun Pastoral areas of Central, which has recently seen a lot of displacement due to civil insecurity.

Key highlights in the brief:

  • Normal to above normal Gu rains in most parts of the country alleviating the drought conditions in Central regions and parts of the North
  • Good crop establishment in the Southern agricultural areas  - prediction of average to above average Gu harvest
  • Floods cause significant damage to crops in Juba riverine -  affected households facing food security crisis in the short term
  • Modest decline in the Cost of Minimum expenditure Basket will alleviate food access in central and northern Somali Shilling urban areas for urban poor households.
  • Protracted conflict in Somalia continues to cause displacement and hamper humanitarian access
  • Very concerning nutrition situation in Addun Livelihood Zone of Galgadud and Mudug regions with 22.8% GAM (global acute malnutrition) and 7.1% SAM (severe acute malnutrition)

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