Average camel body condition - Diinsor, BSAHP - July 2019
Average Camel - Xudur, SAP - July 2019
Average Goat body Condition - Jariiban - July 2019
Average Goats body condition - Xudur, SAP - July 2019
Average Sorghum Crop - Qansax Dheere, BSAHP, Bay - July 2019
Below average Goat - Waajid, Low potential - July 2019
Cattle abnormal migration to Ethiopia - Qansaxleey, Doolow, SAP - July 2019
Cattle normal condition - Dolow, Uunsi, SIP - July 2019
Migrating families - Baidoa, BSAHP - July 2019
Poor Cattle - Waajid, Bakool, SAP - July 2019
Mothers fetching rain water for domestic use in Baidoa IDP settlement. FSNAU, November 2017

In Focus

  • In April and May, FEWS NET and FSNAU released two alerts and multiple analyses to the donor community detailing the poor start of the April-June 2019 Gu rainfall season and expected deterioration in food security conditions across the region. Crisis (IPC Phase 3) and Emergency (IPC Phase 4) outcomes were anticipated in June-September 2019. Although heavy rains in mid-May to early-June significantly improved pasture and water availability and restored livestock body conditions, previously projected outcomes remain most likely due to significantly below-average...

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Trends in Early Warning - Early Action Indicators

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